Gatwick Airport

Express PCR Test at Gatwick Airport

The Gatwick airport is the second liveliest airport in Uk and is located 45km south of London. London Corona Test Center is also offering the mandatory Covid-19 tests currently required for all arrivals into the UK, allowing travellers to take the first of their two required RT-PCR tests (the Day 2 test) as soon as they arrive at the airport. The Day 8 test must be carried out by the same provider.

Travellers who screen negative will be emailed a Fit to Fly certificate that would be approved by a doctor and they can schedule their test 48-72 hours prior to their departure time. The general public is also able to avail of the facility, but must pay £145. RT PCR Test gatwick airport

Travellers can also use the Test to Release scheme that allow them to pay for a private covid-19 test and the traveller can stop quarantining if the result is negative. However, they cannot use the scheme if they have been in or through any country that is not on the UK travel corridors list. Test to Release gatwick airport

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