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Test To Release Providers For International Travel

If you are a passenger(s) arriving from a country that requires you to quarantine, you can shorten the mandatory 10 day quarantine period by completing a negative COVID-19 test from Day 5 onwards.

We are an approved provider by the UK Government for the Test to Release scheme

We recommend booking your test before you travel, as you will need to opt into the Test to Release scheme and enter your test booking details in the Passenger Locator Form

You need to book an individual private test for each person opting into Test to Release, including children.

The test provider will either send a test (subject to charges) to your address or you can attend a testing site. You may leave your house to post your test or to travel directly to and from the testing site.

  • Passengers arriving from a country that requires you to quarantine
  • You must self-isolate on arrival in England. You can take a test no earlier than the 5th day after arrival in England.
  • By providing a negative COVID-19 test report
  • Once in quarantine in England
  • 5 Day onwards as per the Goverment Test to Release regulations
  • Approved provider by UK goverment
  • If the test result is negative you can stop self-isolating as soon as you receive the result.
  • If the test is positive you need to self-isolate for another 10 days. Count the 10 days starting from the day you took the test, or from when you first had symptoms if that is earlier.

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